This site seeks to offer an accessible insight into the challenges, travails, successes and failures of our constant efforts to sustain the Corpus Christi College estate. Like preceding generations, we find ourselves the guardians of a proud history, in one of the most inspirational cities in the world. The fact that we continue in the traditions of our founder, Bishop Fox, as an institution of learning and research is perhaps less surprising than the realisation that we do so within the site and buildings that would still today be recognisable to him. The ravages of time, the mistakes of the past, and the altered social norms or expectations of our scholarly community serve to make our task one of constant attention and revision. Alongside this need to alter we find ourselves working variously with or at times at odds with planning regulation and a flurry of new legislative demands that are difficult to accommodate within our historic estate.

In 2011 the Governing Body completed an appreciation of the estate and took a series of significant decisions that have driven a rationalisation and enrichment programme that is now well established. The increasing cost of utilities and the obvious need to respond to climate change has acted as a further catalyst as we seek to adjust our historic buildings so that their carbon burn is reduced as far as technology and good taste will allow. In recent years a range of poorly maintained houses across the city has been sold and the proceeds used to undertake a major brownfield accommodation build and completely refurbish two of the most significant accommodation elements of the main college site.

The pages of this site seek to record the progress made in our efforts to protect our estate’s legacy, and create a viable environment that can still deliver on our founder’s goals. The costs involved in this endeavour are significant and our continued enjoyment of our historic setting can only be made affordable through considered support of the endowment and the generosity of alumni and others.

The College looks forward to its Quincentenary in 2017, not only in celebration but also as an opportunity to fully underwrite the many improvements that will only be possible if we deliver on the already publicised New Library Project.

If you have any observations upon or suggestions for inclusion in the site please do not hesitate to contact the Bursar, John Harrison.